Sugarloaf Studios Photography - About


Sugarloaf studios specialise in commercial photography, including food and product and pack shot photography with in-house styling.

We are an independent studio based in Kent close to the South East coast. But our work has taken us all over the UK and into France.

Since setting up the business demand has seen us diversify. Although still heavily involved in food photography our commercial photography services now include all aspects of product and pack shot photography. We also shoot architectural photography, both historic and contemporary, covering internal and external aspects. Our lifestyle imagery runs across such markets as food, jewellery and fashion accessories, like handbags, purses, scarves and shoes,etc. Whatever your corporate or business needs we are here for you.

The ingredient for setting up the business was simply passion – passion for creative photography and passion for beautiful product.
We have over 25 years professional business experience and pride ourselves in providing the right service for each individual customer, always offering a free initial client consultation. It is important to us that we understand your business, your product or service in order that we can best express it ‘pictures’

Whatever your needs; whether launching a new product or product range, updating a website or for social media use, producing a business brochure, business cards or other promotional material we believe that we have a complete service to offer. As well as providing the images we also do all our own styling in house and have a variety of props at our disposal. Should there be a need we can also offer advice on marketing, website design and social media promotion.

The expression “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” appeared in a 1911 newspaper article, quoting newspaper editor Arthur Brisbane discussing journalism and publicity.

We could not be more happy with the results. Great work thank you.”  – Jon, Canterbury Brewer

I like your photos a lot. Thanks very much.” – Tonia Heaney, Karea, France

That’s a gorgeous picture – I’ll definitely be using it on their profile and other places.” – Jo, Produced in Kent

It was great working with you on Tuesday, I think we made good progress and covered a lot of ground. Thanks for your advice and patience with the shoot. I’m really looking forward to seeing the final images next week.”
Thanks very much for the images, I think they look great! We got through a great deal on that day and you’ve done a fab job on the post editing, even making that gone wrong Chorizo pizza look a lot better.” – Carly Thornton, Leathams, London

Just reviewed the photos, and impressed.” – Kevin Hall, Martin & Co